"We are not product driven... We are results driven!"


It goes without saying that, during the life of a business, a variety of financial and tax services are required. Understanding that change is part of that business, DJA offers significant experience in helping our clients reach their goals.

We are members of both the American and Wisconsin Institutes of Certified Public Accountants, and follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  We are an active participant in the Peer Review Program, having received unqualified opinions to attest to the quality of our work.

Below are some of the services we provide:

These are vital to business, and allow you to assess your company both presently and prospectively. We provide financial statements on all three levels of assurance:

Audits involve investigation of your financial information and offer the highest level of assurance to the accuracy of the financials.

A review consists of analytical procedures applied to your financial information to provide limited assurance in the financial data.

A compilation is prepared by using the client’s information and presenting a financial statement in GAAP format. A compilation offers no assurance as to the accuracy of the financials.

Many businesses wait until the year is over to find out how much in taxes they will owe. Problem is, once the year is over it’s often too late to take advantage of the tax planning options that may be available to you.

We specialize in presenting effective solutions to lower your tax liability before the year is over, and strive to present our clients with a variety of options to minimize their tax bill.

It stands to reason that every business needs to plan; failing to plan is often the first step to failure. When seeking out building or equipment financing, the bank will ask to see your business plan, so we’re well versed in assisting you in the preparation of a plan that accurately reflects the economic realities of your business.

After the planning of your tax return is over, let our professionals prepare your individual, corporate, partnership or fiduciary tax returns.

Should your company invest in equipment? What will be the impact of decisions made today? A projection will help to answer these questions. We offer both simple and complex projection models.

The most important element of running a successful business is to maintain solid cash flow, so it’s necessary to look at more than just net income.

One of the biggest concerns of most business owners is how to pass the control of the business they created as well as the wealth they’ve accumulated to the next generation, or how to sell their business when it’s time for retirement. We’re proficient in developing an estate or succession plan that can minimize tax liabilities and achieve maximum results.

Choosing the right software package can be a big decision for any business. Our qualified staff has experience with various software packages and can assist you in selecting the one that best suits your needs.

Our professionals can assist you in minimizing tax and setting up a structure to acquire or merge with a business, with advice on things like tax implications, cash flow requirements and the financial implications.

Shifting through financing options is often a difficult task for a business owner. We can assist you with financing proposals, analysis of your cash needs, and interpretation and clarification of bank loan offers and agreements.

How much should you charge for a product? How much should you pay for supplies? We have many years of experience in working with businesses like yours, and can assist you with these decisions.

The decisions that are made when forming a business have a lasting impact on the entity, as well as the owners. Before you start a new business, let us assist you in selecting the appropriate tax entity and consult with you to get the business moving in the right direction.

A financial statement is only as good as the information contained in your accounting system. Our staff can assist you in the bookkeeping function by training your staff, implementing systems and procedures, and free up your time to focus on building your company.